Small Animal Dermatology: Self-Assessment Color Review 

Small Animal Dermatology: Self-Assessment Color Review PDF

By Karen Moriello

Small Animal Dermatology: Self-Assessment Color Review PDF provides a general overview of dermatology of the dog and cat. It contains over 200 clinical cases and self-assessment problems reviewing the most common skin diseases encountered in clinical practice, plus some more obscure diseases that a veterinarian will encounter only occasionally or rarely. The cases appear randomly to reflect real life practice and vary in complexity. Coverage ranges from the more easily treatable to the most difficult and serious cases.

  • Provides 255 advanced dermatology cases
  • Includes more than 300 superb color illustrations

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Table of Contents
Allergy, Hypersensitivity, And Atopy
Anal Sac Disease
Bacterial Infections
Diagnostic Techniques And Procedures
Drug Actions And Therapeutics
Drug Concentration Calculations
Drug Reactions, Side Effects, And Toxicities
Ear And Ear Pinna Disease
Endocrine Disorders
Feet, Pad, And Claw Disorders
Fungal Infections
Granulomatous Disorders
Immunological And Autoimmune Disease
Inherited, Congenital, And Breed-Related Disorders
Keratinization Disorders
Ocular And Periocular Disorders
Pigmentation (Skin/Hair)
Psychogenic/Behavioral Disorders
Skin Structure And Function Signs Of Ulceration
Wounds, Burns, Trauma

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