Sexual Plasticity and Gametogenesis in Fishes

By Balasubramanian Senthilkumaran

Sexual Plasticity and Gametogenesis in Fishes PDF. Sex determination, differentiation and gamete maturation are well organized molecular events in vertebrates. In vertebrates, sex determination and differentiation are two important events in the development of gonads (testis or ovary). Sex determination is the genetic (sex chromosomes) or environmental process by which the sex (male or female) of an individual is established. During embryonic development, primordial germ cells migrate from the site of origin to the gonadal primordia where they differentiate along with somatic cells and finally form the indifferent/bipotential gonads. Depending on the action of various factors the bipotential gonads give rise to either testis or ovaries. In most vertebrates, excluding fishes and some amphibians, the event of sex determination is controlled genetically and later the progression of gonadal development is controlled by hormones and other factors. Interestingly, these processes in fishes are controlled not only genetically but also through hormones or environmental factors. These characteristics make fish the champions of sex reversal and serve as excellent animal models to precisely understand sexual development. The next interesting aspect is meiotic maturation which is essentially mediated by gonadotropins and progesterone metabolites to trigger final gamete maturation in fishes which is different from mammals. The novel aspects pertaining to gamete maturation has been studied in great detail in fish which depicts precise regulatory events of gamete maturation.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Involvement of Neuropeptides in Gonadotropin Secretion in Teleost Fish

Chapter 2: Neuroendocrine Control of Lunar-Synchronized Spawning Rhythm in Grass Puffer

Chapter 3: Cytokines as Intraovarian Mediators of Luteinizing Hormone-Induced Ovulation in Fish

Chapter 4: Teleosts as Model for Environmental Risk Assessment

Chapter 5: Atherinopsid Fishes as Models for the Study of Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination: Physiology of Gonadal Sex Differentiation in Pejerrey Odontesthes Bonariensis

Chapter 6: Developmental Aspects of Reproductive Hormones in Fish

Chapter 7: Dimorphisms in the Brain and Involvement of Various Neurosubstances in Fish Reproduction: An Overview

Chapter 8: Ovarian Catecholestrogens: Role in Final Oocyte Maturation

Chapter 9: Understanding the Mechanism of Oocyte Maturation and Ovulation to Induce Spawning for Seed-Production in the Japanese Eel: Tough and Challenging Task

Chapter 10: Transgenic Medaka Lines with a Visible Marker for Phenotypic Sex: Genetic Analyses of an XY Sex-Reversal

Chapter 11: Hypothalamic Regulation of Pituitary Gonadotropins

Chapter 12: Sexual Plasticity of Behavior in Goldfish

Chapter 13: Molecular Mechanisms of Gonadal Sex Differentiation and Sex-Reversal in Fish: Tilapia and Medaka

Chapter 14: Physiological and Endocrinological Mechanisms of Sex Change in the Grouper

Chapter 15: Some Non-Classical Intragonadal Regulators of Fish Reproduction

Chapter 16: Involvement of Brain-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis on the Regulation of the Reproductive Cycle in Female Chub Mackerel

Chapter 17: Teleosts are Classical Models for the Study of Oogenesis and Shift in Steroidogenesis

Chapter 18: Function of Germ Cells in Sex Differentiation

Chapter 19: Fish Gonadotropin Receptors

Chapter 20: Regulation of Teleost Reproduction by Brain-Pituitary Axis

Chapter 21: Perspectives on the Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Gonadotropins-Monoamines: Relevance to Gonadal Differentiation and Maturation in Teleosts

Chapter 22: Zebrafish as a Vertebrate Model System for Developmental Biology and Biomedical Research

Chapter 23: Sperm Maturation in Teleosts: Role of Androgens and Progestins in Our Present Understanding to Emerging New Concepts

Chapter 24: Expression Profiling of Various Marker Genes Involved in Gonadal Differentiation of Teleosts: Molecular Understanding of Sexual Plasticity

Chapter 25: Membrane Progestin Receptor, a Key Mediator of Final Oocyte Maturation in Fish


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