Pests and Vector-borne Diseases in the Livestock Industry

By Claire Garros, Jérémy Bouyer, Willem Takken and Renate C. Smallegange

Pests and Vector-borne Diseases in the Livestock Industry PDF. How to control economically important vector-borne diseases? What are the best strategies to protect livestock from vector-borne diseases in a changing environment? How to evaluate and assess the acceptability, cost efficiency and cost benefit of the control and surveillance methods? The information in this book will help to answer these questions. It aims at presenting the latest information on vector-borne diseases affecting livestock worldwide, from state-of-the art interventions to the assessment of the impact of these control measures.

Table of Contents

1. Livestock pests and vector-borne diseases – a much neglected subject

Case studies of livestock pests

2. Arthropod pests in the poultry industry

3. Veterinary importance and integrated management of Brachycera flies in dairy farms

4. Acaricides: current status and sustainable alternatives for controlling the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus microplus, based on its ecology

5. Sheep myiasis: a one health perspective

Case studies of vector borne diseases in livestock

6. Integrated control of trypanosomosis

7. Prevention and control of tick-borne anaplasmosis, cowdriosis and babesiosis in the
cattle industry

8. Mosquito-borne diseases in the livestock industry

9. Case studies of vector-borne diseases in livestock: bluetongue virus

State of the art interventions

10. Public-private partnership enabled use of anti-tick vaccine for integrated cattle fever
tick eradication in the USA

11. Biological control with parasitoids

12. Biological control of livestock pests: entomopathogens

13. Semiochemical tools for a new generation of livestock pest control

14. Genetic control of vectors

15. Biosecurity: methods to reduce contact risks between vectors and livestock

16. The Fly Simulator: a simulation model of stable flies and their control

Impact of vector control

17. Case study: costs of Culicoides-borne arboviral diseases

18. Controlling tsetse – what does it cost?

19. Acceptability of vector control actions or co-production of innovations?


20. Control of vector-borne diseases in the livestock industry:
new opportunities and challenges

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