Outlook of Climate Change and Fish Nutrition

Outlook of Climate Change and Fish Nutrition PDF Download

By Archana Sinha, Shivendra Kumar and Kavita Kumari

Outlook of Climate Change and Fish Nutrition PDF book covers the climate change impact broadly across the ecosystems including increasing pressure on livelihood and food supplies to the society. Climate change, in particular, rising temperatures, can have both direct and indirect effects on global fish production. Fisheries and aquaculture is one of the important sectors of agriculture for livelihood and nutritional security. Fish, being poikilothermic in nature are very sensitive to any change in the ecosystem. In commercial aquaculture, it is crucial to ensure that environmental rearing conditions are adequate, if not optimal, for fish growth, welfare and profitability. Thus, the book develops an understanding regarding changes in relevant environmental parameters and its affect in the growth and physiological performance of fish. Fish feeds on natural food organisms, but the adverse changes in the ecosystem attracts nutritionists to provide better food and feeding strategies for optimum growth and survival of the fish. it is become necessary to develop preparedness about the changes and their mitigation strategies through fish nutrition and feeding strategies. This book addresses the potential impact of climate change on the aquaculture sector under sections – Assessment of Global Warming Impact on aquatic resources and fish production, Adaptation in Fish Digestive Physiology and Biochemistry under Changing Environment, Prioritization of fish feed technology with respect to changing climate for adaptation and mitigation, Strategies and planning on reproductive physiology and feed management for biodiversity conservation. The chapters are contributed by the experts in the field of fish nutrition and physiology. The book assists fish farmers, entrepreneurs, planners and advisors specifically related to nutritional and physico-biochemical changes in fishes to adapt or mitigate the adverse effect of climate change.

Table of Contents

Assessment of Global Warming Impact on Aquatic Resources and Fish Production

The Perspective of Climate Change on the Aquatic Environment and Fish Production

Climate Change: Stressor on Marine Buffer System

Climate Change: Impact on Fauna and Fishing Activity of River

Possible Impact of Climate Change on Fisheries

Impact of Global Warming on Changing Pattern of Biodiversity and Fish Production in Inland Open Waters

Climate Change and Coral Reef Ecosystem: Impacts and Management Strategies

Implications of Climate Change on Fisheries and Food Security

Nexus of Climate Change with Fish Production and Its Implications on Livelihood and Nutritional Security

Adaptation in Fish Digestive Physiology and Biochemistry Under Changing Environment

Gut Microbes and Its Physiological Role in Fish: Adaptive Strategies for Climatic Variability

Metabolic Adaptation of Fishes Under Different Consequences of Climate Change

Argulus Parasitism in Aquaculture: An Elevated Temperature Scenario

Effect of Environmental Variability on the Pigmentation of Fishes

Climate Change and Stress Response in Teleost

Impact of Climate Change on Emergence of Biotoxin in Fish and Shellfish

Prioritization of Fish Feed Technology with Respect to Changing Climate for Adaptation and Mitigation

Metabolomic Response to High Temperature Stress in Murrel Channa striatus and Insights for Designer Feeds

Feed and Feeding Management for Sustainable Growth and Health of Fish in Varying Climatic Conditions

Vulnerability and Mitigation Approach to Nutritional Pathology for Sustainable Fish Growth in Changing Climatic Conditions

Technology Prioritization for Climate-Resilient Nutritive Fish

Role of Dietary Supplements in Stress Amelioration of Teleost Fishes

Dealing the Hardship in Aquaculture Nutrition in a Changing Climatic Condition

Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change-Imposed Challenges in Fish Nutrition

Live Duckweed-Based Circular Aquaculture for Climate Resilience and Carbon Footprint Reduction of Fed Aquaculture

Nutraceuticals in Aquaculture: A Prospective Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Strategies and Planning on Reproductive Physiology and Feed Management for Biodiversity Conservation

Broodstock Development, Induced Breeding, and Seed Production of Climbing Perch Anabas testudineus: An Alternative Aquaculture Species for Changing Environment

Effect of Changing Environmental Factors on Reproductive Cycle and Endocrinology of Fishes

Impact of Climate Change on Fish Reproduction and Climate-Resilient Broodstock Management

Nutrition and Environment Interactions in Aquaculture

Reproductive and Maternal Nutrition in Changing Climatic Conditions

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