1. Blood pressure in cats and dogs. A clinical manual

2. Bacterial Skin Infections in Small Animals

3. Atlas of Diagnostic Cytology in Small Animals

4. Small Animal Orthopaedics. The Hindlimb

5. Practical Guide to Laboratory Test Interpretation and Differential Diagnosis. Haematology and Biochemistry

6. Dermatological Diagnosis In Dogs. An Approach Based on Clinical Patterns

7. Clinical Immunodermatology in Small Animals

8. Small Animal Surgery. A Step-by-Step Guide. Surgical Techniques

9. Stress, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Handling in Veterinary Practice

10. Charm your Clients. Neuromarketing for Vets

11. Bone Surgery In Small Animals

12. Infectious diseases in dogs. Practical Guide

13. Infectious Diseases in Cats. Practical Guide

14. Feline Ophthalmology. The manual

15. Oncology in Senior Animals with Clinical Cases

16. Case Studies in Cardiothoracic Medicine

17. Canine and Feline Obesity

18. Canine and Feline Nutrition and Dietetics, A Guide for the General Practitioner