Lavin’s Radiography for Veterinary Technicians, 6th Edition

Make sure you understand and know how to use the very latest diagnostic imaging technology with Lavin’s Radiography for Veterinary Technicians, 6th Edition! All aspects of imaging – including production, positioning, and evaluation of radiographs – are combined into this comprehensive text. All chapters have been thoroughly reviewed, revised, and updated with vivid color equipment photos, positioning drawings, and detailed anatomy drawings. From foundational concepts to the latest in diagnostic imaging, this text is a valuable resource for students, technicians, and veterinarians alike!

  • More than 1000 full-color photos and updated radiographic images visually demonstrate the relationship between anatomy and positioning.
  • UNIQUE! Non-manual restraint techniques including sandbags, tape, rope, sponges, sedation and combinations improve your safety and radiation protection.
  • UNIQUE! Comprehensive dental radiography coverage gives you a meaningful background in the dentistry subsection of vet radiography.
  • Increased emphasis on digital radiography, including quality factors and post-processing, keeps you up-to-date on the most recent developments in digital technology.
  • Broad coverage of radiologic science, physics, imaging and protection provide you with foundations for good technique.
  • Objectives, key terms, outlines, chapter introductions and key points help you organize information to ensure you understand what is most important in every chapter.
  • Color anatomy art created by an expert medical illustrator help you to recognize and avoid making imaging mistakes.
  • Check It Out boxes provide suggestions for practical actions that help better understand content being presented.
  • Points to ponder boxes emphasize information critical to performing tasks correctly.
  • Key points boxes help you to review critical content presented in the radiographic positioning chapters.
  • NEW! All chapters have been reviewed, revised and updated to present content in a way that is easy to follow and understand.
  • NEW! Updated radiation protection chapter focuses on the importance of safety in the lab.
  • NEW! Additional popular diagnostic information includes MRI/PET and CT/PET scans.
  • NEW! Coverage of Sante’s Rule that clearly explains the mathematical process for creating a technique chart
  • NEW! Chapters on Dental Imaging and Radiography, Quality Control, and Testing and Artifacts combines existing content with updates into these important parts of radiography.
Table of Contents

Part One:

Section 1: The Technical Side of Imaging

1. The Basics of Atoms and Electricity

2. Diagnostic Xray Production

3. Radiation Safety and Protection

Section 2: Film and Digital Imaging

4. Imaging on Film

5. Producing the Image

6. Optimizing the Image

7. Processing the Image on Film

8. Computerized Radiography; Digital Imaging

9. Quality Control, Testing and Artifacts

Section 3: Specialized Imaging

10. Ultrasound

11. Fluoroscopy

12. Computerized Tomography

13. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

14. Nuclear Medicine and Intro to P.E.T.

Part Two:

15. Overview of Positioning

16. Small Animal Abdomen

17. Small Animal Thorax

18. Small Animal Forelimb

19. Small Animal Pelvis and Pelvic Limb

20. Small Animal Vertebral Column

21. Small Animal Skull

22. Dental Imaging and Radiography

23. Small Animal Special Procedures

24. Equine and Large Animal Radiography

25. Avian and Exotic Radiography

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