General Animal Surgery and Anaesthesiology


General Animal Surgery and Anaesthesiology

General Animal Surgery And Anaesthesiology Pdf Downoad

By A.K. Gangwar, Naveen Kumar and Kh. Sangeeta Devi

General Animal Surgery and Anaesthesiology PDF provides adequate information about general surgery and anaesthesiology.
Students should acquire in depth knowledge of the basics of surgery and anaesthesia in different species of animals. In this context, the book has been prepared by the Department of Teaching Veterinary clinical Complex for the courses in “General Surgery and Anaesthesia”. the contents of this book covers the whole syllabus in a systematic manner.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Historical Aspects and Introduction
Chapter 2: Pre-operative, Intra-operative and Post-operative
Consideration of a Surgical Patient
Chapter 3: Sterilization
Chapter 4: Suture Materials and Suture Patterns
Chapter 5: Fluid Therapy
Chapter 6: Shock
Chapter 7: Fracture
Chapter 8: Wound
Chapter 9: Burn
Chapter 10: Hernia
Chapter 11: Inflammation
Chapter 12: Sprain, Strain and Bursitis
Chapter 13: Arthritis
Chapter 14: Luxation Subluxation and Dislocation
Chapter 15: Diseases of Arteries and Veins

Chapter 16: Historical Aspects and General Considerations
Chapter 17: Preanesthetic Agents
Chapter 18: General Anesthesia
Chapter 19: Injectable Anesthetics and their Combinations
used for General Anesthesia
(Dr. Adarsh Kumar)
Chapter 20: Inhalant Anesthetics
Chapter 21: Anesthetic Emergencies and their Management
Chapter 22: Endotracheal Intubation
(Dr. Adarsh Kumar)
Chapter 23: Muscle Relaxants
Chapter 24: Local Anesthetics
Chapter 25: Local Anesthetics Techniques
Chapter 26: Acupuncture

Exercise 1: General Consideration for Set up of an Operation Theatre (OT)
Exercise 2: Preparation of General Surgical Pack

Exercise 3: Familiarization with Udder and Teat Instruments
Exercise 4: Familiarization with Orthopedic Instruments
Exercise 5: Familiarization with Ophthalmic Instruments
Exercise 6: Familiarization with Hoof Instruments
Exercise 7: Familiarization with Dental Instruments
Exercise 8: To Study Different Types of Catheters and Their Applications
Exercise 9: Restraining and Positioning of Animals for Surgical Interventions
Exercise 10: Familiarization with Different Apparatuses Used for General Anesthesia
Exercise 11: Preparation, Calculation and Induction of General Anesthesia
Exercise 12: Demonstration Monitoring of General Anesthesia and Management of Anesthetic Emergencies
Exercise 13: Hemorrhage and Hemostasis
Exercise 14: Bandages and Slings
Exercise 15: Demonstration of Monitoring of General Anesthesia
Exercise 16: Anesthesia for Laboratory and Wild Animals
Exercise 17: Restraining of Animals
Exercise 18: Miscellaneous Instruments

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