Equine Stud Farm Medicine and Surgery


Equine Stud Farm Medicine and Surgery

Equine Stud Farm Medicine And Surgery

By Derek C Knottenbelt

Equine Stud Farm Medicine and Surgery PDF Book addresses all aspects of equine reproduction and breeding. Introductory chapters review key aspects of stud farm design and equine nutrition, evaluating how these factors affect the health of horses and foals. Detailed chapters discuss the stallion and mare, conception, parturition, the health of the foal, and other essential topics. Both medical care and surgery are covered in detail, with extensive full-color illustrations designed to help the veterinarian diagnose and treat all conditions relevant to equine reproduction.


Table of Contents
Table of Contents

1.Basic Stud Farm Construction
2. Feeding and Nutrition
3. Routine Stud Management Procedures
4. The Stallion
5. The Mare
6. Mating
7. Pregnancy
8. Parturition
9. The Placenta
10. The Mammary Gland
11. The Newborn Foal

Appendix of drugs used in equine stud medicine

Glossary of terms

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