Ear Diseases of the Dog and Cat


Ear Diseases of the Dog and Cat

Ear Diseases Of The Dog And Cat Pdf

By Richard G. Harvey, Joseph Harari and Agnes J. Delauche

Ear Diseases of the Dog and Cat PDF. Ear disease, particularly oritis external, is a common condition presented in veterinary practice and is not always obvious to the pet owner. Other vital conditions covered include otitis media, vestibula syndrome (or acquired conducive deafness) which, although less commonly seen in practice, can be devastating to the animal concerned. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive, superbly illustrated coverage
  • Practical approach to investigation, diagnosis, and management
  • Complementary specialist skills of international author team

All three authors are actively involved in the diagnosis and management of ear disease, both in first opinion and referral practice. Between them, they encompass the three major disciplines necessary – dermatology, neurology, and surgery. Illustrated throughout with color photographs and fully referenced, this book will be of value to students and veterinarians.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1. The Normal Ear

Ch. 2. Diagnostic Procedures

Ch. 3. Etiopathogenesis and Classification of Otitis Externa

Ch. 4. Diseases of the Pinna

Ch. 5. Otitis Media, Otitis Interna

Ch. 6. Para-Aural Abscess

Ch. 7. Medical Management of Ear Disease

Ch. 8. Ototoxicity and Other Side-Effects of Otic Medication

Ch. 9. Cleaning the External Ear Canal

Ch. 10. Aural Hematoma, and Other Pinnal Surgery

Ch. 11. Surgical Resection, Aural Ablation, and Bulla Osteotomy

Ch. 12. Perioperative Analgesia and Management

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