Diseases of Poultry (Including Cage Birds) 2nd edition


Diseases of Poultry 2nd edition

Diseases Of Poultry 2Nd Edition Pdf


Diseases of Poultry  2nd Edition PDF discusses the avian leucosis complex, avian mycoplasmosis, and Marek’s disease in detail. It defines the diagnoses of avian sarcoma with some illustrations. It also identifies the connection between avian sarcoma and leucosis complex. The section on coccidiosis, avian encephalomyelitis, and fowl cholera has been deliberated extensively. The book covers such topic as virus conjunctivitis of chicks, turkey haemorrhagic enteritis, turkey syndrome 65 (TS 65), goose septicaemia, goose plague, and infections with C.E.L.O. virus, avian entero and reo viruses, and turkey respiratory virus. A section of the book analyses the diseases common to cage birds. This is followed by a section about the drugs applied in the treatment of birds. Some minor subjects such as poisons, toxins, and the basic poultry surgery are discussed in the last chapter. An index of the terms is given. The book will provide useful information to veterinary undergraduate and researchers in the field of veterinary.

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Table of Contents

Section A Diseases of the Domestic Fowl

Chapter I. General

Chapter II. Diseases Caused by Viruses and Related Organisms

Chapter III. Bacterial Diseases

Chapter IV. Fungal Diseases

Chapter V. Parasitic Diseases

Chapter VI. Deficiency or Nutritional Diseases

Chapter VII. Miscellaneous Diseases

Chapter VIII. Systemic Diseases

Chapter IX. Tumors and Neoplastic Diseases

Chapter X. Lethal Factors and Influence of Heredity on Disease and Production

Chapter XI. Diagnosis of Poultry Disease

Section B Common Diseases of Turkeys

Chapter XII. Virus Diseases

Chapter XII. Bacterial Diseases

Chapter XIX. Fungal Diseases

Chapter XV. Parasitic Diseases

Chapter XVI. Miscellaneous Diseases

Section C Diseases of Ducks, Geese, and Miscellaneous Birds

Chapter XVII. Diseases of Ducks

Chapter XVIII. Diseases of Geese and Miscellaneous Birds

Section D Common Diseases of Cage Birds

Chapter XIX. Diseases of Cage Birds

Section E Miscellaneous

Chapter XX. Some Common Drugs Used in Avian Medication

Chapter XXI. Defects of Incubation

Chapter XXII. Poisons and Toxins

Chapter XXIII. Elementary Poultry Surgery



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