Differential Diagnosis in Small Animal Cytology

Differential Diagnosis in Small Animal Cytology PDF

By Francesco Cian

Differential Diagnosis in Small Animal Cytology PDF is a comprehensive resource for identifying through cytology the most common cutaneous and subcutaneous diseases of dogs and cats.
With key points describing the main clinical and cytological features of each lesion, the book provides lists of differential diagnoses, including diagnostic algorithms, and handy ‘hints and tips’ boxes. It is also enriched by chapters on the correct use and maintenance of the microscope, and techniques of collection and preparation of cytological specimens, making the book a valuable resource for veterinary pathologists (clinical and anatomic), residents, veterinary undergraduate students and small animal practitioners.

  • Over 130 photomicrographs of the most common skin and subcutaneous lesions to help with diagnosis.
  • Ideal reference book with concise descriptions of each lesion.
  • Organised into key bullet points to facilitate use during diagnostic work, or as a revision aid.
Table of Contents


1: Guide to the Choice and Correct Use of the Microscope (Ian Baldwin)

2: Collection, Preparation and Staining of Cytology Specimens

3: Guidelines to Approach Cytology Smear Examination

4: Cytological Criteria of Malignancy


5: Skin Anatomy

6: Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Inflammatory Lesions

7: Cutaneous Cysts, Tumour-like Lesions and Response to Tissue Injury

8: Cutaneous Epithelial Tumours

8.1: Tumours without epidermal or adnexal differentiation

8.2: Epidermal tumours

8.3: Follicular tumours

8.4: Sebaceous tumours

8.5: Apocrine gland tumours

8.6: Clear cell adnexal carcinoma (dog)

8.7: Merkel cell tumour

8.8: Diagnostic algorithms

9: Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Mesenchymal Tumours and Other Neoplasms

9.1: Mesenchymal tumours

9.2: Histiocytic tumours

9.3: Melanocytic tumours

10: Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Round Cell tumours

11: Cutaneous Metastatic Lesions

12: Suggested Reading and References

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