Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Foal

Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Foal PDF

By Siobhan B McAuliffe and Nathan M Slovis

Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Foal PDF is intended for any veterinarian who treats foals, either occasionally or on a routine basis, and serves as an invaluable source of practical clinical information. The illustrations cover all aspects of clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatments, and outcomes and provide a clear picture of what veterinarians should be looking for, perfect for timely intervention and more successful outcomes. Plus, two highly experienced editors share their expertise along with contributions from many well-known and highly respected veterinarians for the most comprehensive information available.

  • Brief text and clear pictures demonstrate exactly what symptoms to look for, allowing for more timely intervention.
  • The user-friendly content includes detailed descriptions of the most common disorders and brief descriptions of rare diseases.
  • Answers common questions like: What is normal? How would I know if something is wrong? What does X-disease look like?
  • High quality images and illustrations accurately depict each disease or disorder, allowing for a faster and more accurate diagnosis.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The pregnant mare

Chapter 2 The post foaling mare

Chapter 3 Neonatal examination, clinical procedures and nursing care

Chapter 4 The gastrointestinal system

Chapter 5 The respiratory system

Chapter 6 The urinary system

Chapter 7 The cardiovascular system

Chapter 8 The muscular system

Chapter 9 The skeletal system

Chapter 10 The liver, spleen, and peritoneum

Chapter 11 The immune system

Chapter 12 The integumentary system

Chapter 13 The endocrine and metabolic systems

Chapter 14 The eye and related structures

Chapter 15 The nervous system

Appendix 1 Foal examination chart

Appendix 2 Foaling Record sheet

Appendix 3 Reference values for hematology

Appendix 4 Reference values for biochemistry

Appendix 5 Formulary


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