BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Surgical Principles: A Foundation Manual

This is a foundation level manual in the popular series from the BSAVA. It presents the basic principles upon which the practice of modern veterinary surgery is based. The principles of surgery will often dictate the outcome of a surgical procedure, more so than the use of the most up-to-date technique, and the surgeon ignores them at their peril. The BSAVA Manual of Surgical Principles presents a solid grounding in the basic principles, with practical examples of why they are important, creating a manual that is very readable and relevant for the veterinary surgeon in practice.


Table of Contents

List of contributors v
Foreword vii
Preface viii
1 Surgical facilities – design, management, equipment and personnel 1
Terry Emmerson
2 Sterilization and disinfection 8
Michael H. Hamilton
3 Surgical instruments – materials, manufacture and care 22
John Lapish
4 Surgical instruments – types and use 28
Nicholas J. Bacon
5 Suture materials 39
Stephen J. Baines
6 Surgical staplers 58
Vicky Lipscomb
7 Surgical lasers 68
Noel Berger and Peter H. Eeg
8 Preoperative assessment 75
Kathryn M. Pratschke
9 Preoperative stabilization 88
David Holt and Jeffrey Wilson
10 Fluid therapy, and electrolyte and acid–base abnormalities 104
Karen Humm and Sophie Adamantos
11 Shock, sepsis and SIRS 127
Andrew J. Brown
12 The immune and inflammatory response to anaesthesia and surgery 142
Elizabeth Armitage-Chan and Stephen J. Baines
13 Postoperative management 148
Arthur House and Robert Goggs

14 Principles and practice of analgesia 168
Verónica Salazar and Elizabeth A. Leece
15 Principles of nutritional support 188
Daniel L. Chan
16 Aseptic technique 198
Tim Hutchinson
17 Healing of elective surgical wounds 210
Davina Anderson
18 Surgical wound infection and antimicrobial prophylaxis 220
Chris Shales
19 Hospital-acquired infection 231
Anette Loeffler
20 Haemostasis and blood component therapy 238
Gillian R. Gibson
21 Principles of operative technique 264
Geraldine B. Hunt
22 Suture patterns and surgical knots 277
Thomas Sissener
Index 293

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