Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat 3rd Edition

Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat 3rd Edition PDF

By Gary Landsberg, Wayne Hunthausen and Lowell Ackerman

Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat 3rd Edition PDF. Formerly the Handbook of Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat, the new edition of the definitive guide to the diagnosis and treatment of behavior problems of the dog and cat has been extensively updated. It retains the highly practical approach that has proved so successful in previous editions, offering diagnostic guidelines, preventative advice, treatment guidelines and charts, case examples, client forms and handouts, and product and resource suggestions along with details on the use of drugs and natural supplements to help optimize the behavior services offered in practice. To add to these features, the third edition is now fully referenced, there is significant new content, the book as been written with the entire hospital team in mind, and many color images have been added. The new edition welcomes a wide international mix of new contributors from Australia, Spain, Mexico and the United States. A website link gives access to the handouts and forms previously found on disk.

As well as fulfilling its original purpose as a practical tool for the busy clinician, this edition offers valuable and useful support material for all those studying the field of companion animal behavior. Now in full color and using a revised format, Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat remains the most complete, up-to-date and practical resource for the treating and diagnosing canine and feline behavior problems.

Table of Contents

About the authors
1. Behavior counseling and the veterinary practitioner
2. Developmental, social, and communicative behavior
3. Pet selection and the genetics of behavior
4. Prevention: the best medicine
5. Behavior counseling and behavioral diagnostics
6. Is it behavioral, or is it medical?
7. Treatment – behavior modification techniques
8. Pharmacologic intervention in behavioral therapy
9. Complementary and alternative therapy for behavior problems
10. Feeding and diet-related problems
11. Stereotypic and compulsive disorders
12. Fears, phobias, and anxiety disorders
13. The effects of aging on behavior in senior pets
14. Unruly behaviors, training and management – dogs
15. Unruly behaviors, training and management – cats
16. Canine destructive behaviors
17. Feline destructive behaviors
18. Canine housesoiling
19. Feline housesoiling
20. Canine aggression
21. Feline aggression
22. Terminology, behavioral pathology, and the Pageat (French) approach to
canine behavior disorders
23. Reducing stress and managing fear aggression in veterinary clinics

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