Animal Nutrition: From Theory to Practice

Animal Nutrition: From Theory To Practice Pdf

By Philip Ian Hynd

Animal Nutrition: From Theory to Practice PDF. Nutrition is the key driver of animal health, welfare and production. In agriculture, nutrition is crucial to meet increasing global demands for animal protein and consumers’ demands for cheaper meat, milk and eggs and higher standards of animal welfare. For companion animals, good nutrition is essential for quality and length of life. Animal Nutrition examines the science behind the nutrition and feeding of the major domesticated animal species: sheep, beef cattle, dairy cattle, deer, goats, pigs, poultry, alpacas, horses, dogs and cats. It includes introductory chapters on digestion and feeding standards, followed by chapters on each animal containing information on digestive anatomy and physiology, evidence-based nutrition and feeding requirements and common nutritional and metabolic diseases. Clear diagrams, tables and breakout sections make this text readily understandable, and it will be of value to tertiary students of animal nutrition and to practicing veterinarians, livestock consultants, producers and nutritionists.

Table of Contents
1: Introduction to animal nutrition
2: Digestion in the mono-gastric animal
3: Digestion in the ruminant animal
4: Feeding standards for animals
5: Grazing animal nutrition
6: Sheep and goat nutrition
7: Beef cattle nutrition
8: Dairy cattle nutrition
9: Camelid nutrition
10: Deer nutrition
11: Dog and cat nutrition
12: Horse nutrition
13: Pig nutrition
14: Poultry

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